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Charl with Casanova, CS Game Breeders beautiful breeding bull, under anesthesia.

Charl Schwartzel - Owner CS Game Breeders

I grew up on a farm in the Free State which belonged to my grandfather, to whom I was very close to. From a very young age I accompanied my grandparents to their bushveld farm, and I guess the love he had for farming, nature and animals rubbed off on me. As I grew older the passion never disappeared but only became stronger.

In 2012 I decided I wanted to occupy myself with something I enjoyed during my time away from golf. Farming has always been in my blood, so with the game industry doing so well and wild game always being my first love, the decision was easy and very exciting.
I made inquiries and appointments to meet with some of South Africa’s top game breeders to help me start off in the right direction. I wanted to buy the best genetic Sables I could at the time.

In February 2012 I started planning the layout of the camps which needed to be predator proof. I designed the camps in such a way that we could move the animals without having to dart them, which in turn saves on veterinary costs.

In September 2012, 12 beautiful intermediate sable heifers arrived at the farm along with 6 Zambian Sables of which one was ACE, a 47” Zambian sable bull. We later introduced 5 black impala and 20 split black ewes into our breeding programme. After 2 years Ace was replaced with Casanova, a 48” Zambian bull, which is still our main breeding bull today.

The size of the herds are perfectly manageable and it is easy for me to keep track of everything, without it taking up to much of my time. Erik Muller with his management skills, knowledge and dedication to game breeding was a great resource to the establishment of CS Game Breeders. Erik has recently left to start his own business.

Stuart Zietsman and the CS team are now managing the farm. He is a great asset to CS Game Breeders which has grown substantially with almost a 100 head of Sable and some really beautiful offspring on their way. Topdeck, South Africa’s most expensive Saddleback Impala ram, running with 23 Black Impala ewes is also part of our breeding programme.

What started as a hobby has grown into a full time farming operation. BUT I LOVE IT!!

I really wish my grandfather could have seen all of this, I think he would have been really proud.

Charl Schwartzel

Stuart with Casanova, CS Game Breeders beautiful breeding bull, under anesthesia.

Stuart Zietsman - Manager CS Game Breeders

Born in Zimbabwe in 1969, I had the privilege of growing up on what was then the second biggest cattle ranching estate in the country. The ranch teamed with natural wildlife at that time and I have many fond memories of the “ Matabeleland bush “

On finishing my schooling at an agricultural college in KZN , it wasn’t a difficult choice to decide on my vocation.
Working with wildlife and cattle my whole life has taught me countless things, the most profound of all being “ the more we learn, the more we realise we don’t know”

Since the early 2000’s the wildlife industry in particular has evolved into and extremely exciting and stimulating industry. Being a part of it is challenging and yet highly rewarding, with a future that promises much opportunity , especially on the genetic front, we at CS Game Breeders strive to breed animals back to their former glory and better.