Sable Genetics

CS Game Breeders is in the very fortunate position of having some of South Africa’s finest genetics initially purchased in our foundation herd of Sable. The progeny from these animals is of outstanding quality and with a very selective breeding programme , will only get better in the years to come.

Our initial Sable breeding bull , “ Ace “ , purchased from Thaba Tholo is a magnificent 47”  Zambian breeding bull who is very true to type.


Zambian Sable - Casanova

Casanova , our flagship 48” Zambian Sable breeding bull is one of a kind. His relaxed yet dominant demeanour is notable, especially when there is a threat as he may perceive, to his cows or calves. Both Casanova and Ace were sired by the outstanding “ Monster “ who is an epic Zambian Sable breeding bull who measured in at an amazing 49 inches.
Furthermore , we have genetics in the lines of Paradys , Dinaka a superb 48” breeding bull, Shelanti, Naas another 47” breeding bull, Shorty and the well known Madiba who measured in at 49.5”. Another breeding bull very much worth mentioning is Sir Price , at 45.5”, he must have breed some of the most beautiful female stock in the country, and we are proud to have some of his genetics on CS Game Breeders.
On the Matetsi line we are fortunate to have started with the “ Legend” line who is another true to type breeding bull who measured in at 45.6”.
With these genetics at our disposal, our Intermediate herd of sable shows great promise and a very bright future ahead.