Saddleback Impala Genetics

Saddleback Impala - Topdeck

An outstanding example of a Saddleback Impala Ram is portrayed in the true life form of Topdeck.

His mask and dark upper body coloration is magnificent with 22” horns to match , he is a proud and notable Saddleback Impala Ram. Born in December of 2013 , we are looking forward to a long and productive future with this beautiful specimen.

The commitment and drive for superior genetics is shown by CS Game Breeders by the setting of a new South African record with the purchase of Topdeck at the renowned Piet du Toit auction in February of 2015.

The impala ewes selected for Topdeck have been selected carefully and with great attention to quality and genetic diversity.
All in all , CS Game Breeders selected ewes from seven (7) different game breeders namely Thitombo Game Breeders , Ditjabe Wildlife , from as far afield as Pietersburg and Nystroom. Some of the better quality breeders of Wildife where we obtained good genetics from included CL van Niekerk , James Kingston and Piet du Toit as well as existing and acclimatised ewes of our own.